• Nails

    This series focuses on the trivial that surround us in our everyday lives. I capture objects that may superficially lack interest or extracts from our daily lives (my polish nails), and through a pseudoscientific form of representation seek to open our senses through dialectical games, such as the artificial and the natural, the chaos and the order, the beautiful and the ugly, the disgusting but delicate, the concrete and the abstract, the useless and the possibility of utility as a metaphor for the photographic language. I am interested in the beauty of the mundane, and I question the nature of photographic representation through these taxonomies that I gather from my daily environment. I am also interested in the tension generated between the figurative and the abstract, and between the individual image and the block as a functional unit. The series gives significance to the insignificant through its own plasticity. Each piece of this series possesses an individual character that is reinforced through its relation to the whole.