Most mornings we wake up to a physical reality of sharp contrast and clear-cut edges. Defined outlines help us navigate everyday life and the world around us. But the blurry fringes of perception are where things get interesting. This is what I want to reveal with my work: the unspoken, the hidden parts, the beauty of impermanence.

Painting, collage and monoprint allow me to dig around in these spaces and textures as if surfing through the visual twilight. They let me feel the passage of time, the aging patinas and the rawness of urban decay. Some of these spaces feel like an expansion of consciousness or even self transcendence beyond the physical. In others one can barely peek through a few open cracks.

Many of these journeys into unexplored inner territories are guided by music and the sounds of color. Each color might stand for a tone, each brush stroke for a certain musical pitch. Gradually these shapes grow into acoustic compositions, building a fusion of sounds of my consciousness.